Comfort Mattress for the prevention of pressure sores and „Dekubitus“ (Pressure sore) Therapy
up to the beginning stages of „Dekubitus“ stage 3

Typ "Senior"

  • Cold/Viscous Foam combination
  • Fully adaptable on an electric bed
  • (No scallops or grooves necessary)
  • GEFA foam ECP type HDH/TCM 55/50kg/m³
  • Deformation Resistance MS 21/BF31
  • Top notch sleeping comfort
  • Covered with a tubular jersey
  • Suitable for the VDV chamber
  • Oeko Tex® certified Standard 100, Product class 1
  • Burn properties as per MVSS 302, LCPP M4, DIN EN 597-1
  • 4 years guarantee against lying through up to 120 kg
  • Deliverable in every size

Diagramm zur Druckverteilung

Pressure distribution column diagram, Mattress
„Senior“, Picture D and Column D Comparative measurements of 3 commonly available full foam mattresses and 2 cold foam mattresses with visco-elastic properties, 1 test subject of 69.3kg. Resulted in an average pressure relief of more than 53% lying on the back (See column D)

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