atmunsaktiv und flüssigkeitsdicht

Function modeTop of the class protective covers

  • Absolutely proof against contamination by:





  • Suitable for persons with Allergies

Gas permeable

no sweating

no heat build up

healthy comfort

  • Latex- and PVC- free

No plastics smell

No crumbling or fragility

Environment friendly

  • Simple cleaning

Disinfectable by wiping

Washable to 95° C

Suitable for driers up to 120° C

VDV chamber up to 105°C

  • Virus proof
  • Bacteria Proof
  • Highly economical
  • High Elasticity

No pressure wrinkles

No need to smooth down all the time

  • For all cushions. Also positioning cushions
  • For all mattresses
  • For all covers
  • For treatment beds
  • For delivery chairs
  • For leg casts
  • As tent cover
  • Deliverable in all sizes and makes
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