Special demands for quality need special materials. For this reason every GEFATEX® protective cover does not just mean the most modern manufacturing methods and accuracy, but also the most suitable material. We use 5000 tons polyurethane and 42 000 m of the fi nest polyester fabric a year for the manufacture of our GEFATEX ® Hygiene protective covers.

To ensure the continuing perfection of our protective covers we do constant quality controls. The most modern laboratories check all our materials according to the strictest norms.

That is done to give you protective covers with a long life. GEFATEX® Hygiene protective covers can be sterilized together with the mattress in the VDV chamber, the life span can thus go up to 7 years. GEFATEX® protective covers that are wipe disinfected and/or boiled at 95 °C may even reach 10 years and more. Our clients constantly prove this to us…

In the case of proper care we guarantee 8 and a half years on average.

You can send GEFATEX® protective covers that have holes to us. We will check them free of charge. Should repair be cost effective the appropriate places will be sealed. With that we guarantee an optimal repair with a bi-elastic repair material.

Normal repair sets have a rigid material. This rigid material on bi elastic covers offers no durable repairs and can lead to extreme irritations, especially in the pelvic area.

That was enough for us to create a special repair patch fabric and a special machine. This machine does durable repairs with no rough patches. When you buy a GEFATEX® protective cover you have the right to free check ups and the necessary repair. That is what we mean by “GEFATEX® long life guarantee”.

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