The protection for medical equipment

Hygiene dustcovers

You, too, can fulfi ll the health departments’ calls for more Hygiene. Dust problems and other contaminants are a thing of the past with the GEFA series “Ghost” dustcovers.

Our environmentally friendly, long lived dustcovers protect for instance the following:

  • Bedside cupboards
  • Treatment tablesMedical equipment
  • Breathing apparatuses or
  • Oxygen Bottles

while they are waiting for the next use- reliably from contamination.
Our Hygiene Dustcover “Ghost” is

  • Disinfectable with a simple wipe,
  • Washable at 95 °C
  • and suitable for The tumble dryer.

We offer our “Ghost” dustcovers in the size that you need, so that there are multiple methods of employment.